Tandem touring couple who now have a van converted around our tandem to combine van-life and tandem-life.

Mr V and I bought our Tandem Talula 4 years ago, after many years of saying we would like one. The deciding event was taking part in a charity cycle ride around the Cotswolds where I rode my daughter’s town bike (my own bike being a trike!). Though we started this ride together, our differing equipment and abilities meant that it quickly became apparent that we would be riding two very different courses. I have to say that I have never been so glad to see a finishing line as I was that day, indeed I was quite overcome with emotion at having completed a quite gruelling course on a bike with just 5 gears and a shopping basket!
We thought about a Tandem again having seen a couple whilst doing the challenge; and hired one to see if it suited. It did. Mr V then undertook much research and we purchased our beloved Talula and have not looked back.  We have explored the back roads and cycle ways around Gloucestershire, embarked upon a 3 day trip to Bristol and around Bath and a 5 day trip down to Somerset. We have always intended to venture further and our first ‘big trip’ was to the cycling mecca of Holland.

The next year we returned to Holland, but for 3 weeks, and ventured into Germany and Belgium, covering about 1000 miles in that time.

We then embarked on home tour, taking us from our home in Gloucestershire, up to Orkney, then sailing around to Aberdeen, from where we peddled to Edinburgh before taking the train back home.

We are currently doing another home tour utilising our converted van as a self sufficient base.

There is also a Talula Instagram @talulatandemtours