Unfinished Business

Sunny coffee stop with a view!

As my father is often reminding me, I had not completed the diary of our journey in 2019. Having departed Dundee and arrived at Kirkcaldy as the ‘Penultimate Peddle’, there is no record of our journey down to Edinburgh, which gave us amazing views of the iconic Forth Rail Bridge, albeit whilst riding into a cold wet headwind from the Forth Road Bridge. Up until that point though the weather had been kind as we had meandered around the coast stopping to take in interesting features along the way.

St Bridget’s Kirk

The sun returned as we entered Edinburgh, and we soaked it up as we rested in one of the parks along the way. We had booked into university accommodation, but could not get into our room until the afternoon, by which time it was actually swelteringly hot and our comfort was not helped by the fact that the second floor window to the room only opened a crack – for health and safety reasons. After showering and doing our washing we lolled in our roasting room in front of the desk fan that I had managed to purloin from reception.

We had a couple of days to wait over in Edinburgh, for the through train to Gloucester (there is usually a change at Birmingham, but this could be tricky to negotiate with a tandem in two parts). We therefore passed a pleasant couple of days there as Mr V had not been before, we did the touristy Mary King’s Close and got up early on the Sunday morning to climb Arthur’s Seat, before having a splendid lunch at the Scran & Scallie. Monday, Mr V explored Leith Docks, whilst I shopped for some gifts and then all too soon it was time to pack up again and make our way to the station and homeward. Thereafter, as is often the case, life overtook me and the blog post remained unfinished … until now.

Mr V always ahead!

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