Chasing Windmills

There seems to be an unspoken etiquette when camping, you greet your fellow campers and perhaps pass a few pleasantries, but when you are occupying your little patch of the site, there is no further interaction, unless paths happen to cross at the facilities. Though the field in which we had pitched our tent was ‘full’ in that there were 5 other tents but the delusion of privacy was preserved; no eye contact was made.

After a somewhat disturbed nights sleep, where the chill set in at about 2am, necessitating additional layers we set about our usual routine to pack up camp and make breakfast. Whilst Mr V took down the tent I went to carry out my ablutions, returning to find that as if by magic, all was packed away and Talula ready to go.

All packed and ready. Note the camper behind pretending we do not exist!

As we departed we bumped into a couple who were touring until August, she is originally from the Netherlands but they had come from New Zealand via Oxford and were riding a couple of newly purchased Oxford Bike Works touring bikes. Very smart they were too.

Our aim today was to carry on north, in order to traverse the northern most sea levee tomorrow. We started out passing through mixed scenery with one or two pretty towns, but it soon became almost exclusively agricultural land. The reminders of a bygone era when the land was drained with the aid of windmills were in abundance today. Indeed I think that we saw more in this one day than in the whole of our trip last year!

An abundance of windmills

Also in much evidence were the more efficient, but less romantic, modern wind turbines, which I do feel have a certain elegance, though I know this is not necessarily a view shared by others.

Still rather elegant I think

We have been clocking up the miles as when we decided to make this trip, looking at the maps, and following as we do, various cyclists on You Tube who have raved about cycling in Copenhagen, we had got rather caught up in the idea of visiting there. However, on considering the undertaking after two days of relatively hard cycling, we realised that we actually needed to manage our expectations. In order to reach Copenhagen we would need to ride hard, with no rest days, this does not allow for enjoyment of the journey and taking time to savour the experience, and we are all about the savouring. Copenhagen will have to wait for another time.

A little over ambitious for a three week tour!

Having reached our intended destination for the day and sought out supper provisions, we set about finding a campsite with the assistance of google maps. We landed upon the unusually named ‘Camping Land from Sea’ which turned out to be somewhat quirky to say the least. As I write there is a gentleman unrolling fire hoses to water the grass. The facilities are excellent though, no extra charges for showers AND toilet roll is provided. As if that wasn’t enough, if you so wish, you can spend the night in any number of individual shelters; there are trains, planes, boats but alas no automobiles….. yet. Oh…Yes there is…..a single decker articulated city bus. Every transportation taste catered for, even an ex Army helicopter!

All manner of accommodation, even a log cabin
Not sure if the neighbours are friendly, but they’re certainly curious

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