To Pee or not to Pee? That is the Question 

Whether ”tis nobler to suffer when woken in the wee small hours by a force majeure, knowing that it will be impossible to clamber over your other half and unzip two of the loudest zips known to humanity without disturbance to his slumber, or just bite the bullet and try to get back to sleep??

However sleep is elusive as you ponder the various options and the weight of your bladder becomes the centre of the universe. There is the fact that the toilet block is two fields away… and at this time of night the flip-flop noise of walking there will be heard for miles. The other option. Well, we are in a secluded and isolated spot.

Having earlier come to the conclusion that this camping lark was actually not that bad, the current predicament had me cursing my folly at blithely enjoying that last coffee after supper.

What to do?

Well, what would you do?

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